Projects and Activities

The Department of Environment, Culture and Sports, within the scope of its responsibilities,  suggests, studies, coordinates and monitors the following projects:

  1. Granting and promoting actions for the protection of the environment and the promotion of cultural creation in Macedonia and Thrace (‘DIMIOURGO’,  meaning: ‘CREATE’), where associations, unions, cooperatives, Social Cooperative Enterprises, legal entities and their networks, are subsidized for actions of environmental awareness, upgrading and recycling and preservation of the natural wealth of Macedonia and Thrace as well as for the promotion of the cultural heritage.
  2. Organizing and strengthening social support actions for the Disabled and Vulnerable Social Groups and Social Solidarity Bodies in Macedonia and Thrace (‘STIRIZO’, meaning: ‘SUPPORT’), where associations, unions, cooperatives, non-profit legal entities are sponsored for events, training seminars and awareness campaigns to promote good practices in targeted issues of social support and solidarity.
  3. Organizing and granting  actions to promote green entrepreneurship through innovative actions in Macedonia and Thrace (‘PRASINI EPICHIRIMATIKOTITA’, meaning: ‘GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP’), where associations, unions, cooperatives, legal entities under private law and their networks organize information events to promote sustainable development through innovative technologies, products and services that are environmentally friendly, to encourage the rational use of energy and to promote business practices.
  4. Organization and grant of actions for the promotion of cultural heritage elements-traditional local products of Macedonia and Thrace (‘PARAGO’, meaning: ‘PRODUCE’), where Social Cooperative Enterprises of Collective and Social Benefit, Producer Groups and Agricultural Cooperatives are subsidized for the process of preparation, documentation and submission of technical files for the certification of traditional local products with certification of quality markings protected designation of origin/ geographical indication protection/guaranteed traditional idiosyncratic products, according to Regulation 1151/2012 of the EU.

In addition, the Department of Environment, Culture and Sports ensures the coordination of bodies and the elaboration of measures aimed at the protection and development of the coastal zone of the Thermaikos Gulf, as follows:

  1. Operational production and distribution of land maintenance products related to the monitoring of indicators of the coastal environment of Thermaikos Gulf, through the utilization of telemetry data.
  2. Periodic and regular cleaning works with floating means for the treatment and reduction of surface pollution phenomena, along the coastal front of Thessaloniki.



_The Ministry of Interior-Sector of Macedonia and Thrace/Department of Co-Financed Projects and Regional Development, within the scope of its responsibilities, as described in the Presidential Decree 141/2017 (Government Gazette, Issue A΄ 180), manages European co-financed projects aiming at the financial, environmental and cultural development of Macedonia and Thrace.

  1. Interreg Greece- Bulgaria

Borderless Culture

Name of the Project: Integrating Bulgaria-Greece cross-border significance historical and archeological assets into one sustainable thematic tourist destination, Acronym: BORDERLESS CULTURE

Project: INTERREG Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020

The main goal of the suggested project is to highlight the cultural and natural heritage in the cross-border area between Greece and Bulgaria, through the promotion, show and tourist development of the archaeological and cultural monuments.

Total project budget: 1.316.886,00 €, Ministry Budget:  45.000,00 €.
Web page:

  1. Interreg- IPA CBC


Name of the Project: Building Energy Efficiency Improvement,  Acronym:  BENEFIT – LEAD PARTNER

The aim of the project is to strengthen the competences of the public sectors in the cross border area in matters of energy efficiency. The actions taken include the energy upgrading of public buildings and the awareness from society of the benefits of the energy efficiency with actions related to the development as well as job opportunities and new innovative markets creation.

Total project budget: 1.170.475,00 €, Ministry Budget:  500.245,00 €.
Web page:

III. Interreg –IPA CBC


Name of the Project: Oenotouristic cross-border capacity building: A transition from promoting wine production to oenotourism experience, Acronym:  TERRA VINO

The project supports the awareness and estimate of the cross border oenotouristic value, through the application of innovative oenotouristic promotion and development strategies, creating jobs through tourism value chain.

Total project budget: 562.510,00 €, Ministry Budget:  67.875,00 €.
Web page:

  1. Interreg –IPA CBC


Name of the Project: Integrated Operations Center for Providing Humanitarian Assistance, Acronym:  HELP

The aim is to improve the strategies  and the operational capacity of the Public Administration and public services in the area of natural disaster management through preparation and reduction of negative effects. It includes complete technical support solutions, logistics and operational crisis management tools.

Total project budget: 894.553,30 €, Ministry Budget:  63.900,00 €.
Web page:


Name of the Project: Local Development  and  Cross Border Cooperation in the area of Agricultural Products and Traditional Food, Acronym: LOC-FOOD  – LEAD PARTNER

The goal of the project is to support the sustainable economic and social development in the rural areas of its intervention, as well as the enhancement of the interregional cooperation, through integrated economic, environmental, social and cultural initiatives

Total project budget: 798.927,50€, Ministry Budget:  184.620,00 €.

  1. Interreg –IPA CBC


Name of the Project: Alternative Touristic Experience, Acronym: ALTER TRIP

The main target of the project is to promote the conversion of the cross border area to an easily accessible, without exclusions, tourist attraction, supporting the sustainable development and the cultural heritage in the cross border area. The project also focuses on ensuring an easy access to tourist destinations for the disabled, creating synergies between travel agents.

Total project budget:  357.480,80 €, Ministry Budget: 112.760,00 €.